Kiefel Sales Agency

Techno Tool A/S is a sales agent for the well-known thermoforming machine manufacturer:‚Äč

Techno Tool A/S is the sales agent for the reputable German company, Kiefel GmbH, in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Kiefel GmbH is one of the leading global companies within the manufacturing of thermoforming machines, jointing machines for packaging, and the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Our collaboration with this world-class, reputable company, which is a leader in the world market, means that Techno Tool A/S, as an added bonus, keeps a watchful eye on innovations regarding thermoforming machines and the latest technical solutions in the global packaging market.

Reference Letter Techno Tool

Techno Tool has showed us to be a reliable and competent partner for the supply of forming tools used in many packaging KMD projects we have realised together.

The cooperative discussions between engineers of Techno Tool and Kiefel have always led to high quality and output and satisfied our customers expectations.

The excellent Techno Tool know-how of tooling for trays and clamshells for KMD machines combined with the process and machinery know-how of Kiefel always generated economical and reliable solutions for our customers.

The team of skilled process engineers of Techno Tool and Kiefel has provided appropriate service to our common customers.

Techno Tool is continuously investing in research and development and therefore installed a KMD 85 pressure forming machine to serve all their customers even with pre marketing production possibilities.

This has brought them to one of the leading companies manufacturing thermoform tools.

Thomas J. Halletz
Managing Director / CEO