Techno Tool A/S has many technical specialists who have extensive knowledge in their areas, and this knowledge has been accumulated for many years, which has resulted in the development of indispensable, complex competences, ranging from: 

  • New, exciting packaging ideas
  • Complex tool instructions
  • CNC machining of high-technology, high-speed machining facilities.
  • Final assembly of all tool parts for fully functional high-speed tools by experienced toolmakers.
  • Last, but not least, the implementation and function testing of all types of tools using our own Kiefel KMD 85 BFSS thermoforming machine. The great advantage of KMD testing is that tools are completely ready and can be used in production as soon as they are set up in the customers’ own machines.

We do everything within our power to deliver our finished products with the agreed quality and at the agreed times. We are optimally prepared to carry out the multifaceted tasks that we receive from our demanding, loyal customers. This requires mutual trust and involvement. Our constructions are made using the 3D CAD systems SolidWorks and CATIA, which provide a wealth of calculation possibilities and the possibility to create photorealistic pictures and 3D-animated presentations. The final assembly of the many parts that comprise a new thermoforming tool requires great accuracy.

Follow-up on whether production complies with the planned schedule.

We have extensive professional experience and technical know-how.

The construction of a large number of articles requires a comprehensive overview.

The final assembly of the parts completes the production prior to the test run.