Techno Tool A/S manufactures tools for the production of plastic products

Techno Tool A/S is regarded as being one of Europe’s leading tool manufacturers within producing tools for the global thermoforming industry.

Over the last 25 years, we have been an effective supplier with a strong focus on high quality, but also on fast delivery and competitive prices.

Sales agent:

Since 1992, Techno Tool A/S has been the sales agent in Denmark, Norway and Finland for the well-known producer of thermoforming machines, machines for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for the automotive industry, Kiefel GmbH

Thermoforming tools - Blow mould tools - Punching tools - Test production

Tools for the production of various food packaging:
Meat trays, fast-food and catering trays, menu trays, snap-on lids, clamshell containers for, for example sandwiches and salads, etc.

Tools for the packaging of technical articles:
Packaging for toys, hardware, electronics, mobile phone accessories, etc.
Transport trays for nursery products, electronics, and various semi-manufactured articles.
Technical articles: Cabinets, shielding and, for example, truck bed liners for vehicles and internal refrigerator containers, as well as many other articles.
Blow-moulded products, such as bottles for cosmetics, oil and milk, etc.