• Thermoforming products, from the simplest to the most technically complicated tools.
  • Steel band knives for thermoforming tools
  • Stacking machines, from ordinary, conventional stackers to complicated A-B-C staggered stacking machines, as well as pick & place systems.
  • Punching tools for, for example, punching of ventilation holes in fruit trays.
  • Punching tools to be used for articles that are to be produced in large volumes.
  • Forming tools for technical articles such as inner liners and door lining for the refrigerator and automotive industries, etc.
  • Complex blowing tools for both single and multiple cavity tools for blow-moulding of bottles, storage bottles, etc.

Thermoforming tools

Termoformværktøjer Termoformemner

Products that are typically produced by tools manufactured by Techno Tool A/S include:
Food packaging: Meat trays, fast-food and catering trays, menu trays, clamshell containers for, for example sandwiches and salads, etc.

Packaging for toys, hardware, electronics, mobile phone accessories, etc.
Transportation trays for nursery products, electronics, and various semi-manufactured articles.
Technical articles: Cabinets, shielding and, for example, truck bed liners for vehicles and internal refrigerator containers, as well as door linings.

Punching tools

Stanseværktøj Stanseemne

Punching tools for all types of materials have always been one of Techno Tool A/S’ specialities.

Many years of experience have made it possible for us to deliver durable quality tools for nearly every kind of machine product, not just in the thermoforming industry, but also for different form, filling and sealing machines. The tools are manufactured using the best and most suitable qualities of steel, just as only the best quality of fabrication of tie rods, etc., is used. The cutting properties are tested prior to delivery so that we are sure that the tools are problem-free and can be started in production in the customer’s machine immediately after receipt.

Technical articles

Blowing tools

Blæseværktøj Blæseemner

Examples of thermoforming tools for inner refrigerator containers, as well as foam tools

Examples of blowing tools

Techno Tool A/S manufactures complex blowing tools for the global market and our expertise lies especially in the area of multi-cavity tools with extremely low cycle times, as well as when there is a demand for extremely high quality and durability of the tools.
The end products are typically used in the industry, for food and cleaning agents, and many other things.